Socrate Sarfo, a Ghanaian film producer and entertainment analyst has come out with full confidence saying  that women persistently deplore  that the creative industry is not an equal playing field because they lack confidence.

The producer, who is also the Director of Creative Arts in charge of Programmes & Projects at the National Commission on Culture, is of the view that there are no rules or systems stopping  any female artiste or actress from excelling in the industry.

His comments come in aftermath of constant  complaints by some females and critics that men seem to always get more opportunities than their female counterparts.

The Ghanaian creative industry, according to some critics, is more favourable to men than to women thus paving way for the men to succeed more than their female counterparts.

Socrate Sarfo, who strongly disagrees with the declaration, told MzGee in an interview on Showbiz 927 on 3FM that the Ghanaian creative space is very balanced.

“Nobody gave any man the platform”, he stressed.

“It’s not about being favoured. It’s an open field. All play all.”

To support his point, the movie producer cited that “if you go to MUSIGA and you look at their regulations, their constitution, I am yet to see a line that separates men from women…it’s just one for human beings…,” stressing that he does not believe in women’s rights but human rights.

“I’m yet to see any law under the sun that is against any woman…if you come to our industry, it is an open field…there are female artistes who are paid more than the male artistes,” he added.

“What a man can do, a woman can do better.”

Socrate Sarfo is fully confident  that women rather lack confidence.

“I think what women are lacking is confidence and that is one thing we must encourage them [about].”

Asked why he thinks women lack confidence, he explained: “Maybe, from their upbringing…they don’t want to hustle like the men are doing because nobody got wherever he is today [by] having it easy.”

He was, however, quick to stress that, most of the people who have been his backbone over the years are all women.

Artiste manager, Bulldog, contributing to the discussion, added that “most women turn to be emotional about a lot of things….they are highly emotional but they are strong.”

Bulldog, who has worked with female singer  Yaa Yaa, was of the view that, women “lose focus”.


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