6 Tips To Enjoy Christmas On A Budget To Avoid Debt In New Year

6 Tips To Enjoy Christmas On A Budget To Avoid Debt In New Year

Christmas is here, and we know it’s that season to give a lot of gifts out to our family, friends, and love ones. But with money being tight and a lot of people to buy gifts for can sometimes put us in that uncomfortable situation with regards to our finances.

In other to enjoy the season and avoid carrying a huge debt in January we need to consider these tips to enjoy Christmas on a budget

1. Make a shopping list

Who should be on the list should be critically considered. Don’t hesitate to trim it when the list is getting bigger than your budget. Start from your immediate family and close friends, then you can selectively add the list from there.

2 . Set a spending limit

Don’t over spend by letting your emotions get the best of you. It’s okay to feel guilty but remember you are not Santa to satisfy everyone. You don’t need to go bankrupt in order to satisfy everyone. Always remember ” It’s the thought that counts not the price tag”

3. Pay in Cash

One easy way to avoid debt is to use cash instead of credit cards to buy gifts. You will be forced to stick to your budget if you pay with cash. it’s easy to lose track of how much you have spent, plus some money here and there go unnoticed but add up quickly.

4.Shop by yourself

If you have friends and family with poor money habits. It is always advisable to shop alone. A shopping partner in crime can be a great distraction to your budget

5. Look out for items on discount

To get the best out of your holiday budget , check out for discounted items and great deals.A lot of items are going to be discounted whether in our traditional or contemporary malls. Check out for those stuff instead of buying on a normal price. You can also buy discounted gift cards to pay for your purchases.

6. Be more particular about giving and not buying.

You probably still do some of these Nigerian Christmas traditions

It’s the season to give not to buy. We are all guilty of this, we buy for ourselves when the season requires that we give out more. If you want something you can add it to your wish-list. If someone buys it for you it becomes a bonus. If not, you can pick it up on sale after Christmas. But Remember to buy Christmas related items like decorations, foods and drinks for the family.

Christmas in Ghana – Afishiapa!

It’s not fun to start the new year with Christmas debt, hence we should get a plan in place now so that we can truly enjoy the season and avoid carrying debt after the Season.


I hope this tips will help you enjoy this Christmas with what ever budget you are on this year and 2020.


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