Pretty Romantic Gesture’s We Wish For As African Girls


In a world full of people with diverse culture and traditions, our ways of doing things as people differ from one environment to another including how we express our feelings towards one another.

Many at times we only see these pretty romantic scenes in movies and we get overwhelmed by them as African women.

1. Expression of love: Women naturally value emotional honesty in their relationships whereas men love to be appreciated. The constant reminder by your partner that he loves you helps to rekindle the affection in a relationship. Most couple from Africa can’t remember the last time their partners expressed their love for them either verbally or using the common means of texting. It is not a common thing to see a man express love to his woman in our society but something most women wished their men do for them.

2. Public display of affection: To see a man holding the hands of his woman in public or feeding her at a restaurant is not something you should expect from an African setting. Due to our societal norms, men who go the extra mile to express love for their women especially in public are considered to have been ‘charmed’ by the women.Some also consider it to be an act of disrespect especially in the presence of their elders.But interestingly most African women wished their men could go all out to express their love for them in public.

3. Being emotional: to see a man breakdown for a woman is the last thing an African man would do. Western men wouldn’t mind weeping to get their women back unlike the African man. They are considered weak if they cry over little things right from infancy. They tend to grow with that mentality and wouldn’t break down for a woman no matter how much they love her. Most women from Africa just admire these scenes in movies and wished their men would for one’s put away their ego’s and cry for them.

4.Their kind of gifts: For a typical African Girl you only expect to get a gift from your partner on either birthdays or sometimes valentine’s Day. The random flowers, chocolate and vacations are only fantasies for most of us. African men don’t see all that to be necessary especially if you are together already. Gifts like clothes and shoes are okay with an African woman but not cherished like the surprised chocolate or flowers they mostly see in movies.

However some men are changing narrative these days by copying the westerner’s since that is what most African women love to experience.



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