Nice girl scammed Nigerian guy who just back from America of 950k

Nice girl scammed Nigerian guy who just back from America of 950k

Ex-beauty Queen Cassandra narrated how her cousin who just got back from United States of America was scammed by a “nice” girl.

She explained that; A a doctor cousin of hers who just got back from the states met this seemingly nice girl, And in less than one week after meeting, the lady billed the cousin 100k for something.and he paid. In less than five days after the 100k bill, she sent another bill of 95k to buy hair. He agreed to pay but mistakenly sent her 950k!!!

She stated that the cousin called the lady to explain the mistake, and the lady calmly told him she thought it was an extra gift.

An before they know it, the lady archived all her pictures on Instagram and blocked him everywhere.

Cassandra said they didn’t want to go messy with the issue, but she and her brothers where at the beach, and she was the lady with her two friends drinking champagne.

She stated that the lady said, she had she with the cousin so she felt the 950k was for services rendered. “When you are not a prostitute.” she asked. she further on asked her if she charged 950k for sex or asked for 95k to buy weavon?

She said that they invited the police into to matter. and the lady also called some big shot to help her out of the situation and the police where on the phone with the big shot.

she explained that she don’t know what the big shot told them, but if the girl is not arrested, she will post her pictures and handle.

Well it turned out that they left her to pass the night at the police station.


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