My vagina is the most magical part of my body in the world – Tonto Dikeh

King Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Charity Dikeh who is a Nigerian actress, singer and humanitarian in a recent 50 Question and Answer series– Up Close and personal with King Tonto revealed a some facts about herself.

So sit back, relax and read some of these amazing and funny facts she talked about.

King Tonto


  • Who is your celebrity crush?

– I do not know what the crush means. I don’t know if a crush means like someone that you like.  someone that you admire, someone that you have sexual feelings for. I’m not sure, but I do not have emotions for anybody in the industry. But I do have a sexual feeling for someone in the industry. And I can say myself.

See is just gonna be misunderstood if I just call the name on the person. Like I don’t crush on anybody in the industry. I just know that I have someone that I’d like to fuck.


  • What is the most challenging thing you had to do as a woman?

– The most challenging thing for me is giving birth , it is being pregnant. Its pregnancy has been my greatest scare. It’s been the biggest hugest phobia for me like I can’t Even Go close a pregnant woman even right now. Like after giving birth, I can’t stay close to pregnant. I just feel like, I don’t want to say irritated, but kind of like that. tonto and son

Kind of like that, you know? And I actually felt that way myself, too. So for me to conquer the fear, it’s, you know what to say. I have a phobia like people say. I have a forgetful height. I have a phobia for pregnancy. Like for pregnancy.





  • Would you love to have more kids?tonto

– Huh? I. I would love to adopt more kids.



  • Why are you best friends with Bobrisky? tonto and Bobrisky

Is that a Question. Why did your father give birth to you? Why did your mother give birth to you?, why are you going to the same church you are going to? Because I like him.







  • What’s the best part of your body?


The best part of my body simply is, and will always remain my vagina. That’s the most magical part of my body  in the whole world.

I mean, it Birth my son, that’s the favorite part, the best in the world came from there.


  • Have you had sex after your failed marriage

-Well, I’m celibate being, celibate means I’m not having sex.


  • What is your dream man like?

You definitely have to be very rich. You have to be very rich comfortably, so you can be able to take care of me because I’m not giving no man my money anymore. Like I’m not going to put in a dime to non-relationship financially, not doing that. So,yeah. First of all, you have to be very rich. Second of all, you have to love me. You have to love me. I’m not saying you have to say you love me. You have to love me. Then you have to be god-fearing.

And I love a man with purpose. Sometimes money you account doesn’t mean wealth. Sometimes your ideas, sometimes, where your life is going to go, though the pattern which your life is taken is actually wealth. So, yeah, a man who has prospect .


  • Can you marry a Muslim?

Yes, of course.

My boyfriend is Muslim. I am dating a Muslim man and I wouldn’t be in a serious relationship with him If I do not feel like I might, I could end up with him. For me, it’s not the religion. I think it’s more of a person. Yeah, I can.



  • What satisfaction do you get from carrying out numerous surgeries?

Simply put, happiness, it makes me happy. And I believe that whatever makes you happy, you should keep doing it. And so that’s the answer.

I’ll keep doing it because makes me happy.

Tonto king


  • would you ever consider getting married again?

– Of course, yes.

Don’t play yourself like seriously, don’t play.

I’ll get married again and maybe very soon.

  • Do you speak your language?

No, I don’t. And I regret that every single day of my life.

  • translate this to English when Breeze go blew, fowl nyash go open.

 – When secrets are out, the devil is revealed.


  • Do you speak your language?

No, I don’t. And I regret that every single day of my life.

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