Mother hires boys to beat up Biological son, and pours boiled water on him

poured boiled water on her own son
Nigerian actress, Angela Okorie, took to her Instagram page to narrate how a mother poured boiled water on her own son.

According to Angela Okorie, on the 25th of October, a biological mother was said to have poured boiled water on her very own first son whiles he was still asleep.

The young boy of 17 named DESTINY, Was waking up with boiled water as early as 5:48a.m while he was still sleeping, The boy slept late at night from trying to finish up with the works she gave him, So he didn’t wake up on time to make her water to bath and start washing the many clothes she kept for him, so for that reason; she poured boiled water on him.

She stated that it was not the first time, and it happened almost every single day, before the incident happened; she hired boys to beat him up, until neighbors came to his rescue.

She said that each time it happened, they kept on investigating to see what the young boy had done but nothing, until she thought he should return to his father if the mother has that level of hate for him without reason.

She later found the mystery behind the hate that his mother is about 29 or 30th she had him while she was very Young at 13 by rape from 3 or 4 men and since then the innocent boy has been going through hell for something that was never his doing.  And she called out to any ministry interested in cases like this about him, and that the boy was still undergoing treatment, The first treatment was from a clinic but had to take him for native treatment as recommended because he was crying from pain.

Checkout The heartbreaking video on her Instagram page:


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