Lady narrates how she scammed a fake Mallam on facebook

Lady narrates how she scammed a fake Mallam on facebook

For sometime now, Facebook has been filled with Mallams/fetish priests who add people up on facebook and then send direct messages promising financial freedom, health, wealth, travel and all what not.

Most of them promise to multiply your money.

A Lady who goes by the name Esi Akyen Ntiamoah took to a facebook group to narrate how she scammed a fake mallam popularly known on facebook as Naa Tia of $1000.

She Narrated that:

“Four months ago, a guy came into my inbox. He introduced himself as Naa Tia, a spiritual guru from Northern Ghana, Tamale. He had some juicy offer me: “I help people succeed financially”.

“How do you do that?” I asked.
“Oh, it’s easy; no sacrifices involved, just send me $1000, and same hour tomorrow, I will send you $10,000:’ he answered.

I smiled, and said to myself, ‘this guy is playing with fire’

The chat continued, and at the end, I told him I could send him $100,000 for him to make it $1,000,000 for me on condition that I would send him $100 first for him to send me $1,000 to prove his claim.

I sent him the $100 the following day, and within 48hours, he sent $1000. After receiving the money, I told him I wasn’t going to continue the deal, and boom!; thunder striked. He threatened me with hell and hades, but I ignored him.

This morning he entered my inbox again pleading that I should send back his $900 to him because the money he sent was a loan from a bank.

Should I send it to him?”

Lady narrates how she scammed a Mallam on facebook

This goes to show you that there are lots fake mallams on facebook, other social media network and offline, looking to scam people of there money in the quest to multiply there money. so kindly be on the alert to avoid getting scammed or falling victim.


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