Caroline Sampson, a Ghanaian radio presenter and  TV show host has finally given details of what led to her exit from YFM, where she had worked for over ten years, hosting ‘Shouts on Y.’

With shock from many Ghanaians, the unexpected termination of her and a number of her colleagues’ contract, when the news broke on social media. Many wondered what could have caused such a dire decision from her employers, and this led to many conjectures in the media space.

Opening up on her YouTube channel, Caroline finally said what led to the termination of her contract. She explained that before the unfortunate incident happened, she and a number of her colleagues had already been home for over a month because of the coronavirus lockdown, and she had heard that the company was in some financial difficulties, so she expected some tough times ahead and she was making adjustments, such that when it happens it would be easier on her.

According to her, when she received a call from human resources to come in for a meeting, she thought that worst-case scenario, her salary would be slashed, which she was ok with especially knowing how the Coronavirus pandemic was causing many businesses to fold up, but what she didn’t expect was a total termination of her contract.

Caroline revealed she was willing to take the pay cut if she had been offered because she understood times were hard.

“Last week Thursday I had a call from HR, asking for me to come to the office on Friday. After the call, one of my colleagues called and asked if I was called, and I said yes I was, she kinda had her suspicions, and went on to mention the fact that this could happen and I was shocked because I was looking at worst case scenario being salary slash, and I wouldn’t have had a problem with it because we are all going through it,” she explained.

According to her, the call made her put things in perspective and reality dawned on her when she actually gave it a second thought that she could lose her job, but wondered why that would happen after all the years that she had been with them, and everything she had given to the station when she was their employee.

She furthered that she went for the meeting and as her colleague had told her on the phone, she was given the termination letter.


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