Guy Tweets how his friend loses the Girlfriend to I Just Got Back

Guy loses Girlfriend to i Just got back

A guy who goes by the name Buchi Laba Laba on twitter, took to his Twitter handle to narrate how his friend loses his girlfriend who his have been dating for 5 year to an Igbo guy based in Russia who just got back to Nigeria.

the guy stated that the friend meet the lady when he was doing his IT.

The guy tweeted and I quote:

“My Guy is fucked up! His babe for 5years is getting married to one foolish IJGB come December 29th and she just told him Yesterday and Man was crying telling me on the Phone! He taking up his leave and traveling out for 1month because he can’t stand it! I did the Link up.
I had to Whatapp her Yesterday and she invited me to the wedding and I was so close to insulting her using words like “She loves him but Family pressure”!! My guy is comfortable and the relest guy I know and it hurts me to see him cry to a girl I toasted for him back then!!”

Some People consoled with the guy while some people questioned him, If they had made marriage plans during the span of the 5 years dating.

and another guy also replied “You can’t actually blame the lady, she tried…5 Years is too much out of a lady’s time to be wasted….

Now we don’t know the full story, so we cant say what exactly went down.

Now is 5 years of dating long,Yes it is. but is it too long to plan your future together?

Another Guy who goes by C.A also replied how his friend girlfriend also got married to someone else:

“My friend updating me with plans to propose to his girl. Suddenly I discovered she just got married to someone else. She deleted my friend’s number so he won’t see her dp and status bt she forgot to delete mine. I was d one who found out and informed my friend. Two months ago.”

checkout some replies below:

Guy whats your opinion on this issue, Is the Lady wrong? or she made the right move? kindly drop your point of view.


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