Edem Goget’em – Efo Kodjo (Prod by Shottoh Blinqx)

Edem Goget’em - Efo Kodjo (Prod by Shottoh Blinqx)

Edem Goget’em Ghanaian veteran artiste, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian released a new song Titled Efo Kodjo, he tells a story about a man named Efo Kodjo from a village called Dzelukope in the volta region of Ghana. He made money and dated lots of ladies and had no regards for people, but eventually lost all the money.

Had I known never comes first

The man made money and became arrogant and disrespectful, he got married but was not satisfied with the one wife, so he took 4 girlfriends. In the whole village he was the only person who bought a bicycle, he did not respect anyone in the village, An elderly person once advice him,that he does not know tomorrow, but he did not listen. The money eventually got finished and everything changed. He fell sick and was declared HIV positive at a hospital called Battor Hospital.

Listen to the song below:

The song teaches a moral lesson and edges everyone to

Live a simple life: It does not mean you should not enjoy and have fun with your life, dont just be carried away by the luxuries things in life ,that you lost touch with the things that needs to be valued most.

Respect everybody: You need respect every single person, no matter there class, gender, tribe, job or how they look.

Control your lifestyle: Our life is filled with lots of obligations and activities, money and society dictate what we do most of the time. we should not let this be the case and we most learn to leave a lifestyle of fulfillment

Invest and use your resources wisely: The best investment is to invest in yourself, educationally, financially in every possible way that you can. not just for you, but also for your generation to come


You can also check it out on youtube


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