Ebony’s ghost always hunts me—Iona


Fast-rising Ghanaian Musician, Iona has disclosed that she has been having weird dreams about late Ebony Reigns.

The singer admitted to hearing people tell her many times that she resembles the late singer. Iona noted that she would have loved to meet Ebony before her demise but it could not happen

According to Iona, she is a great admirer of the late singer as she has been told that she looks like her.
In an interview with Arnold Mensah of Vibes In 5 sighted by Gistvibe.com, Iona expressed her admiration for Ebony. “I have been having weird dreams about the late Ebony and it is surprising because I have not seen her before,” she claimed.

“People tell me I look like Ebony so I wanted to meet her and take a photo with her so I can compare myself,” she added.

The singer expressed admiration for the ‘Sponsor’ hitmaker, claiming that it feels good to be told that she looks like her.
However, Iona noted that she does not notice the resemblance between herself and Ebony when she looks into the mirror.

Concerning her music career, the burgeoning singer stated that she is keen on making an impact with her music.

She revealed that even though she is a midwife, it will not hinder her from singing and performing on stage.

When asked why she decided to sing alongside nursing, Iona claimed that she had the feeling and zeal to sing for years.


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