Discover the joy of being unemployed: 3 things to do while waiting for a job.

Statistically, the unemployment rate is on the increase. The government can’t employ a reasonable amount of its population. There are millions of graduates each year with no job in sight.
Gradual growth
Gradual growth
Most Nigerian graduates are unemployable, though the chunk of the fault is from the educational system, but you can’t be the way the system wants you to be. You have to be more to get out from the crowd. The educational system in Nigeria is in shambles. (that’s not the basis of this post)
You can’t depend on the government for your livelihood, you should have a mental shift from;

Staying out of job is frustrating, not only does it make you live on tight budget, it also reduces your self esteem and makes you anxious.
Being unemployed basically gives you time to do whatever you feel like doing.
Here are the 3 three things I was able to gather that would likely make you get the best out of your time. 
1. Improve your skills : Internet is everywhere and data is relatively affordable. While you’re looking for a job,  you can pick up free courses online, learn a skill and watch YouTube on “how-to”. Be it coding, writing, language etc, which could be a side hustle for you. This would not only bring flavor to your life, it will also Improve your self esteem.


2. Develop New Hobbies: Not all hobbies are monetised, another bright side of not being employed is that it gives you time to develop other hobbies, like playing a musical instrument, cooking, digital marketing. You never know how good you’re at something until you try. It will also make you an interesting person to be with. Give it a month or two, (so it won’t be disorganised) to know if it something you would like. 


3.Offer for Volunteer/Intern: This may sound a little unrealistic considering the fact that these jobs don’t usually come with monthly paychecks and you would be required to do your daily tasks and attend to meetings. (I recommend online volunteer/intern jobs). It will not only sharpen your skills, but also build network and experience. It will also help you stand out from others when applying for jobs. Every employer wants someone that is resourceful.
Now you see how have helped the society because you helped yourself. You have to wear your oxygen mask first before you help someone out.
You can add other things one can do while looking for job in the comment section.



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