Coconut may be cure to covid19


Latest research is beginning to show that coconut and its products would be the answer to the global coronavirus pandemic that is currently tearing nations apart.

Reports gathered by and show that coconut is the food that contains the highest amount of lauric acid, which is a chemical very relevant in the fight against COVID-19.Lauric acid, (dodecanoic acid) a medium-chain fatty acid, or medium-chain triglyceride (MCT), is found in coconut, human breast milk and also soaps.

Lauric acid in breast milk helps infants’ bodies fight against diseases, which is probably why children are not suffering much from the coronavirus like adults. It also exists in soaps, which makes it easy for hand-washing to get rid of the germs that cause disease which include the COVID-19 pathogen. The same chemical is also abundant in coconut, which means it can help fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Coconut water and the oil, in particular, are highly recommended in these times of the global pandemic as it can help the body fight against the coronavirus.

In other news, Prophet Kofi Oduro of the Alabaster International Ministry has critcised the telecommunication networks in Ghana for charging customers for data in these hard times.

The controversial prophet made the statement in what appears to be one of his online services in a video sighted by on Instagram. According to the renowned Ghanaian prophet, many people are being kind to others during these global crises of the coronavirus pandemic except for the telecommunication networking


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