Check out kelvynboy’s reactiom after a fan asked him for help


Many Ghanaian celebrities have been blessing the Momo accounts of their followers and fans on social media during this period of partial lockdown. a result, a fan of Ghanaian musician Kelvynboy decided to also go under one of his posts on Instagram to beg him for some money.

Sadly for this fan, her humble plea did not yield any desiring result but rather a shocking and hilarious answer from the “Mea” hitmaker.

Under the post of Kelvynboy captioned: “Corona We Beg.Ya Br3!!”, the fan by the name @Abena_911 wrote: “Hello, during this lockdown period things are getting tough. Daddy was the one taking care of all the little financial affairs of the family and he left us a while ago. I’m with mummy who can’t also provide. We’re six in the family and I am the oldest. Things are really hard not to talk of what to eat. we have nothing to eat and no one to depend on also. had to borrow 50gh from a friend and she is also all over my nerves because she is in the same situation. I have no choice than to do this. please any amount from your heart can help us get something. I might not be able to help you in any way but please am in need and Gos will surely replace you. 0594415529 Joana is the name in case you want to help,” she wrote.

In reply to this request, the former Burniton Music Group signed musician wrote: “Herh  gyae na ya y3 shi sin wo!!”

See Screenshot below:


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