Elioenai Ezra Addo founder of Alone Modelling Agency and acting National Coordinator of United Photographers Association,Ghana in an interview on A.T.L radio stated the need for Fashion Industry Players that is; Models, photographers, fashion designers, makeup artists, etc should stay safer than safe and observe all the regulations given by the world health organisation.

He emphasised on the fact that it is almost impossible by saying “For us in the fashion Industry, the regulations are almost impossible to follow as everyone within this space has to be closer to the client to achieve His or Her aim so, I see a little difficulty in that but I know and believe that anything and everything is possible under the sun which shines Blessings on our motherland.

So,i say Yes! to the Question “Can Fashion Industry Players Stay Safe in these times?” cause i personally love my life and so does everyone so, we should stay safe in these times and that is one reason why I have suspended all operations of my agency till further notice and I Urge all Agency Heads and owners to do so too”.

He further went on to say, He is aware and know how our mother Associations are pushing the agenda to aid in eradicating this  pandemic and he believes that if we all come together as one people, we can reduce the rate of infections and drastically win the battle against the Covid-19 virus.

But in the meantime, the Young C.E.O entreats Ghanaians to abide by the laid down rules as He says, “I know the lockdown has been suspended but trust me, the only best way for to stay safe is to be indoors as staying indoors means less or no contacts and less or no means you are more secure and safe so, for Us all stay indoors, go by all rules for us to  Live to fight another day and also to my fellow agency heads, photographers, fashion designers, and models out there, please stay safe as you resume work”.


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