At least five persons died in Onitsha tanker fire

Onitsha Tanker fire

oil tanker overturned in the metropolis of Onitsha, Nigeria on the 16th of October, 2019 and brought on an enormous fire killing at the very least 5 individuals and burning down a number of buildings.

Not less than 5 persons died within the Wednesday tanker fire in Onitsha, Anambra State.

A woman carrying her child tried to leap out of her store, however missed her steps and fell right into a gutter raging with fire.”, whiles three others had been stated to have dead at completely different locations within the area.

buildings, properties, vehicles & businesses had been razed by the Blazing fire brought on by the tanker.

Information reaching us states that The tanker fell from the vehicle and went up in flames after spilling its petrol.

The state police command confirmed that the fire began from a petroleum tanker that had an accident across the Upper Iweka axis of the town.

For more than an hour that the inferno unfold, there was no fire fighter or emergency responds on the scene.

, in a statement made, the woman and her baby had been burnt beyond recognition, adding that their remains had been deposited in a close-by morgue.

Our deepest condolences goes to the families of the people who lost there life and also people who lost there goods.


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