Actress Angela Okorie Survives 12 Gun Bullets To The Head

Actress Angela Okorie Survives 12 Gun Bullets To The Head

Nollywood actress Angela Okorie was attacked by gun men on December 12th on her way back from a show and they destroyed her car with bullets at Orile, Lagos. she said that they wanted to carry her away, but they refused to open the car door so they decided to spray bullet on the car and stated that she was not attacked by armed robbers but hired assassins who kept on shooting for 30 minutes, and that they called for help, but no help from anywhere, no human came to there rescue. her brothers got bullet wound on the hand and some on the chest, That they were 5(five) in the car, her cameraman, P.A, and her two brothers. And that no police come to there recuse, They could not find transport or anyone to help her to the hospital,that they had to take motorcycle to the hospital and 10 bullets was removed from her head and 2 bullets close to her eyes. which makes it 12 bullet in total.

Some fans and celebrity sympathized with her, which some other people also criticized her by saying it was a made up story, and some said i was a PR. Stunt to promote her new song.

A lady who goes by Ify Okoye on Instagram took to her handle to accuss Angela Okorie of dating a married man, and thats what lead to the attack. She wrote, and I quote:-

“If I ever address any Nigerian actress as “Ashawo” here and you come after me. Not even your horse hair would save you from the shlap you would receive from me. Angela caused her death…ohhh sorry! Her attack. She refused to leave the woman’s home in peace and the poor woman had no choice but to warn her by shaking her wig. Ordinary wig shaking and she’s crying. SINGLE LADIES LEAVE MARRIED MEN ALONE!!!!”

Her is a Video of her Xray:


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A Blogger known as gist merchant, also made claims that nobody tried to assassinate Angela Okorie. and said

“She was panel-beaten to teach her a lesson. She has a very long throat and that is what is putting her in trouble. She will date you as a married man then force you to settle her or she involves your wife when you try to walk away. This is her stock in trade and unless she desists from this lifestyle, more experience will follow suit.”


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A UK-resident Nigerian based doctor with the Twitter handle Mopol , said Angela’s narration and evidence don’t correlate at all.

Angela went feather to show more Videos of the incident on Instagram, and wrote:

“Joke apart
Let’s face Reality
If anybody who sees this and still feel
It’s make up
You need Jesus In Your life
Pls my brothers and sisters
We serve a living God
I am planning a very big
Thanksgiving to show how
Greatful I am
No man can take this glory
Anybody that says is make up
We wish them all this kind of make up
In Jesus Name
Any blog Carrying fake news about
What God has Done in my life
Instead of praising God for my sake
Shall receive same pain in Jesus Name
My God is bigger than any blog or human trying to bring me down Amen”


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On matter what the facts and claims maybe, we thank Almighty God that Angela Okorie is still alive.


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