9 signs a Nigerian Lady is crushing on YOU

Nigerian lady
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Today am going to give you some signs to know a Nigerian Lady is crushing on you. This signs should serve as some tips for you to know if a Nigerian girl is crushing on you.

But the truth be told my brother, you need to be good to unlock this code. But nothing is impossible just that Nigerian Ladies express there likeness for guys codedly.

1. She calls you ODE: Ode is a classic word Used by almost everyone with a grasp of Yoruba and it basically means. but in this case my beloved brother , its not an abuse its a code to let you know you ain’t listening enough to the signs and wonders she has been displaying.

Girlfriend break head

2. I don’t want your girl friend to come and break my head ooo: This word is commonly used not just by Nigerian Ladies, but also Ghanaian Ladies. You you be having a chat or just joking with her, the next thing you will hear is “please oooo, I dont want your girlfriend to come and beat me” It’s the coded way to ask you if you have a girlfriend. And if you gawk it, you are on your own.

up nepa

3. Is there light in your house?:  Excuse of wanting to come to your house to hang out. Better say you have light even if you don’t have a transformer in your area!!!!! for the last time, I take God beg you, tell her say NEPA dey 😂😂😂

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4. Big head go joo: Again, this is not an abuse but endearment. Its another way of saying I love you. I know you might be wondering: How is calling me a big head, a way of expressing love.. but I assure you, Nigerian Ladies speak in parables😹😹

call me

5. You can’t even call somebody.. Never sleep on it bro. This one is code for ‘”I miss you’’. Any time she says this, accept your fault and apologize in a romantic way.

Go away jaree

6. Go away jare: Guess you never heard that Nigerian girls are the king of reverse psychology. Go away means the exact opposite. And if you are not smart enough to know, my brother it’s only the holy spirit that can minister forgiveness into her heart.


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7. You just forgot about me: Another way to say can’t you see I’m tripping?


8. Olodo : Olodo is a word used to describe someone as having low intelligence. An Olodo is dull, and slow, but in this case. it’s the synonyms of ‘’my baby’’. Once she calls you olodo, just know you are getting there. and you are big Olodo if you cant get her code.

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9. I hate you. Means I am head over heels in love. My brother you have won…. but in some cases, my guy she truly hate you.

I hate you
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