7 Tips for Maintaining a glowing skin in harmattan, number 6 will shock you

Tips for Maintaining a glowing skin in harmattan, number 6 and 7 will shock you

It’s December already and we can’t keep calm because Christmas is approaching, but the thought of harmattan coming along makes us groan a little bit. Harmattan season comes with a dusty, windy, cold and dry atmosphere.
In order to avoid loosing our glowing skin we need to up our game, Hence these healthy tips

drink water

1.Take enough water It is advisable to increase fluid intake to reduce dehydration caused by extreme dryness of the air. The period predisposes many to catarrh, sore throat and other harmattan related infections. In order to avoid these ailments, carry a bottle of water at all times, as it increases the motility of mucus. Warm drinks like tea is better taken during these period than cold water and caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic and diuretics eliminate fluids out of the body. People with sickle cell diseases also get a lot of triggers in such times, they are advised to take in a lot of water and avoid outdoor activities as much as possible.


healthy Fruits

2. Eat healthy foods: Eating healthy meals during these times helps to maintain a healthy skin. Fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Most of them contain a high water content which helps to prevent dehydration. The vitamins in fruits also helps fight infections and build immunity against chronic cough and other respiratory related infections. Foods like tomatoes, carrot’s and salmon contain antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acid respectively, which helps to repair damaged cell and contribute to a glowing skin.

3.Wear clothes that covers most part of the body: Clothes that keep the body warm helps to prevent common cold and cough. Dryness in the atmosphere can cause irritation of the skin. Hence it is advisable to cover most part of the body to avoid the discomforts that comes with exposing the skin. Some people also develop allergies during these times frequently. Asthmatic patients should always keep their inhaler handy and avoid dust as much as possible .


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4. Exercise: It will surprise you to know that exercise helps in maintaining a glowing skin.Exercise improves blood and inturn oxygen circulation. The sweat that comes out during exercise releases toxins from our bodies which helps us to maintain a glowing skin.

5. Use moisturisers: Harmattan causes the lips to crack and skin to dry. The skin begins to look dull and dry. The only way to maintain it is by using some balm on the lips and moisturiser on the skin. Moisturisers are easily absorbable and increase the hydration of the skin. Vaseline and coconut oil is good for the skin in such times. Also shea butter can be rubbed on babies skin .

6. Avoid bathing with hot water: Obviously the weather is very cold and bathing with cold water can be really uncomfortable. However, using hot water also is not an option. Hot water strips the skin of it’s natural oil barrier thus resulting in dryness and itching . Hence one should opt for Luke warm water rather than hot water during these times, to avoid loosing the skin’s natural oils.

7. Use the right skin products: A lot of people become desperate to maintain a glowing skin during harmattan. One is eager to use any product they lay hands on or is recommended to them. Using the right product for that particular purpose is really important to attain that. Skin products that contain alcohol tends to strip the skin of it’s natural oil and should not be considered during the harmattan. One should consider mild products that helps the skin to hold moisture to avoid loosing natural oil in the skin.

However harmattan is unfavorable for mosquitoes to breed , thereby reducing the occurrence of malaria.


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