4 Reasons why African Men Like Bootylicious Women

bootylicious women

Men from African origin no matter their destination have that one thing in common, and that is admiration for women with big butt’s. Due  to this the word Bootylicious has come to stay. It is used in reference to a woman’s shapely buttocks.

Whatever the specs of a typical African man or African American Man, he would most likely have a taste for women with big butt’s. And these are some of the reasons why:

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1. Their  type of clothing: Unlike other continents especially UK and US where a woman can confidently wear a jeans and shirt, it is totally different in a typical African setting. African prints are the cloth most African women are known to be wearing, such clothes fits women with bigger butt’s than it complements those with smaller ones.
Due to that, the men would go in for such lady’s who look good in the African prints than the ones with slander frame.

2. For fertility reasons: I believe this point raises an eyebrow, but that is the truth in some parts of Africa. A woman who has a big butt would be considered by her in-laws as a marriageable material, because they have the perception that such women conceive very early.

3. Health and beauty: In a typical African setting, having some meat on the bone is synonymous to good health. Loss of weight means one is ill, especially with the emergence of AIDs and other diseases that are associated with weight loss. It is obvious all normal human beings in their natural instinct are only attracted to healthy mates. These men consider such women to be healthier and in-turn they are attracted to them often.

4. Femininity reasons: African men like to pick women who have a completely different figure from them. They don’t look for women who look good for cat-walking, they consider such women to be good for posters and magazines covers. They pursue in for pleasure and procreation in their women and that they mostly fine in voluptuous women

Interestingly women with slander frame figures tend to look younger and more attractive after they conceive, compared to bootylicious women who look older than their actually age. Due to the hormonal changes their body’s undergo during pregnancy.

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