4/5 Futa students assaulted a 100level female Student

4/5 Futa students assaulted a 100level female Student

In a recently trending video, 4 to 6 Federal University of Technology, Akure (Futa) female student and a male where seen to be assaulting up a 100L female student.

In the Video, the Ladies where seen assaulting the lady with broom, cane and flogging her with belt. one of the lady was clearly identified as Oluwadare Faith said to be in FST 200L, another one who is Jessica said to be in (IPE) industrial engineering 200lvl and the guy identified as Obalolu from the dept of Industrial Design 300lvl, the rest not yet identified. the ladies where using broom and cane to assault the lady and shouting at her that she should kneel down. The guy was also slapping and beating the lady.

Sources say, The boy who happens to be the “school father” of one of the girls in the assault video, was called to help deal with the lady who had misunderstanding with his school daughter, that the lady who was been beating, a 100L student was spreading rumors that the girls where sleeping around with guys for Iphones..

Futa students are angry and out looking for the guy and ladies, one of the lady who is known as faith was found, and luckily safe due to the intervention of the school Sheriff.

This event shock the whole institution as the force has to be around.

Source say, The Dean of Student, Professor G.E Onibi made a statement prone to the decision of the panel that ‘all culprit involved would in brutalization would be expelled including the person who videoed the whole incident.




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