10 year old girl sodomized to death by 16 year old boy

Abia State

A 16 year old boy, identified as Paul Ikewecheghi, has allegedly sodomized a 10 year old girl to death.

The deceased who comes from Nkporo, in Ohafia council area of Abia state, was said to have been taken away from where she lives at Emeonye Street by the suspect.

She was paralysed after the incident and was receiving medical treatment at an undisclosed hospital before she died. It was gathered that she identified Paul as the culprit which lead to his arrest by the police.

A resident of the area said that, they discovered that Paul took the little girl from her parent’s residence to where he committed the unlawful and awful act.

“It was said that the boy consumes tramadol

The little girl wept until she died on Wednesday, whiles receiving medical treatment at the hospital. The damage done to the girl anus was severe. Paul is still with the police and we don’t have any further information about the case.


Abia State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ene Okon, who confirmed the incident, explained that the reported death of the victim has moved from the case of rape to murder.

He has vowed that the police would ensure that justice prevails on the matter.

In his words: “The case was transferred to state CID last week. But if the victim has died as information is saying, I will now intimate the CID that the girl has eventually died and that will turn the case to a murder case and will be investigated as a murder ” Trust us that justice will be done.


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