10 reasons why you should marry a Ghanaian nurse

instagram: @kabuki_hodgson
instagram: @kabuki_hodgson

Undoubtedly nursing is one of the most respected professions on earth. We have all come across a nurse, one way or the other in our lives, and we can’t deny the fact that they are indeed gorgeous and a sight to behold in their uniforms.

Even though there is a general reluctance by Ghanaian men to approach nurses and propose to them, they have the perception that they are promiscuous, rude and bossy. But the few ones who mustered the courage to settle down with a nurse would gladly tell you otherwise. By the time you are done reading this article , you would go halter to chase a nurse if you come across one. Because there are some really beautiful things about them that makes them irresistible.

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1. Charming personality

Hardly would you see a nurse and look at her once and not twice or more, they generally have that trait in them. They look very smart and beautiful in their uniforms. They don’t do anything extraordinary to their look, since their profession doesn’t encourage too much makeup and fancy hairstyles during duty. Also because the nature of their job requires them to be smart, they have no time to wear fancy shoes which might  distruct their movements and may cause a life. Generally they look modest and charming at the same time, these traits makes you see their natural beauty unlike women in other professions like cooperates who hide behind heavy makeups, Fancy clothes and shoes during working hours.

2. Great at making a home

We all know it’s the duty of a woman to make a home while the man goes out to make money to cater for the family, even though the narrative is changing these days. No man wants to go through a hard and stressful day at work only to come back to a messy home. Psychologically it turns you off. There is no statistics or research backing this but I tell you nurses are the best homemaker’s you can find. Due to the training they receive in school they graduate with skills that makes them ‘wife materials’.
They are very domesticated and their bed laying abilities is incomparable to others.

3. Caregivers at home

One advantage of marrying a nurse is that they are caregivers and can care for a home very well. They love children and know the proper food to serve any individual with regards to their nutritional needs. Naturally they are patient with people and always want the best for the people around them.

4. Financial Support

I am yet to see a man who wouldn’t want an independent and supportive woman. Marrying a nurse means she is already working and earns a living. Nurses are decent workers who can support you in taking care of the home in difficult times, which inturn means that burden on the man will lessen.

5. Good in bed

Sex is a very important aspect of marriage and we all would love partners we can enjoy good sex with. Our society shy away from sexual related issues but nurses are able to talk and discuss sexual matters freely since it is a part of their duty to educate people on it. They gain a lot of knowledge in sex from the study of reproductive anatomy and family planning. You can ask any man married to a nurse and he would gladly tell you the difference with regards to sex.

6. First aid at home

Having a nurse as a wife has so many advantages an this is one of them. For those married to nurses receiving first aid treatment is never a worry since it is their specialty. Before your medical situation gets worse, your nurse would have given you first aid treatment. It is always per-village to have a nurse in your life.

7. Very Neat

You can’t talk about nurses and leave out neatness.The profession demands thorough neatness and care in order to prevent infections from occurring. Therefore it is unlikely to find a nurse who is not neat. Environmental and personal hygiene is something they are very particular about because they deal with patients on daily basis.

8. Breach of protocol at the hospital

We all know how frustrating it can be when you have to join a long queue to access medical care. In this part of our world where one has to know someone before a good service will be rendered to him, it is the norm in almost all institutions from our banks, schools and public offices. Having any form of relationship with a nurse automatically prevents you from going through that stress. You are being given a special treatment at the ward and other departments at the hospital. Atimes medical bills are subsidized or given free for immediate relations of staff at the hospital.

9. Good nutrition is assured

“The way to man’s heart is through his stomach” as we all know, if you are a man who doesn’t joke with his meal, then don’t hesitate to hook up with a nurse when you come across one. It is one role of a nurse to ensure that their clients take the right food in the right proportion for a healthy life. You are assured of good nutrition when you settle with a nurse.

10. Worth trusting

Trust issues are one of the major problems facing a lot of relationships these days. People can hardly trust their partners with almost everything from their wealth to their deepest secret and even mere marital issues. Everyone wants a partner he can confide in and also be vulnerable to without feeling insecure. Nurses have proven that over the years as part of their ethics. You can confide in a nurse with your deepest secret and won’t be disappointed or betrayed. Whatever transpires between you both remains between you and no one else.

Imagine your life with a woman who possesses all these qualities. Just Try It!


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